Blueprint printing for construction professionals, architects and engineers is our specialty. Speed is our focus. We know that you need your blueprints and plans quickly. Our system is designed to get your oversize construction documents on their way to you within 24 hours.

For our VIP Planroom Clients orders received by 8 am online will be ready by 2 pm the same day. We also deliver locally twice a day at 10:00 am & 2:00 pm for orders received the day before, and ship orders within 24 hours. Our Blueprint Printing Department is staffed by courteous, skilled professionals who know how to produce top quality renderings and blueprints…and they care about meeting your needs.

We produce top of the line blueprints and renderings with our industry’s highest quality materials at an affordable price. Refer to the “Choose The Right Paper For Your Prints” information to learn which material is best for your construction documents.


Spec Books are construction documents that are comb or spiral bound. Binding these construction documents makes for easy opening and professional appearance. We offer black & white, full color copies, card stock dividers, clear plastic covers, laminated covers and more! Our black and white and color digital presses offer superior quality at competitive prices and fast turn-around.  Consider printing black & white for construction documents such as:

  • Specification Books
  • Half Size Plans
  • Booklets
  • Job Site Posters
  • Owners/Instruction Manuals
  • Combine these printing services with our finishing products to complete your job. We offer binding services for saddle stitch, coil bind and comb bind.  We also have in house 3 Hole Punch, Laminating, Scoring, Folding and Cutting options to meet your needs.

PROPOSALS & RENDERINGS PRINTING14204638 - 3d render of a building

Need a print or presentation board of a large rendering for a proposal? Our Graphics Pros can create beautiful wide format, full color prints of large renderings.  Order Proposal books and Color customer sets to give you the edge over your competition.  Let our color printing technology reproduce the print of your rendering in true, vivid colors that will impress any client. We can ship it along with your drawings or overnight it to you for that upcoming big sale. Sell it well and get the job with great quality color presentations.



Bond printing paper is the common, slightly rough surfaced paper used for writing, printing, and drawing, etc. Bond paper derives its name from the original use of this tough paper for the printing of government bonds. We offer several grades of bond paper for printing construction documents:

  • 20# white, 20# Colored (the paper is colored pink, blue, yellow and green)
  • 24# white and 32# white bond.  The grade of bond paper is important to how your print looks.


20# bond is high enough grade and durable enough for most uses.

It also has the added advantage of being the least expensive option of all our bonds. Use the 20# Colored Bond choice to make colored divisions in your drawings and Spec Books to separate different sections.


Where your print needs to be clear and look sharp on the page, use a heavier paper. These heavier bonds look whiter and allow for a much brighter finish for your color document. The heavier the bond, the better the rendering looks because heavier bonds allow less background light through the print.

Ask our Graphics Pros about our beautiful Post Production Visualization of your 2D Drawings!

 TYVEK – Waterproof Your Plans With Tyvek BP9 Tyvek

Water, mud, sand, tools, handling and exposed concrete all take their toll on construction documents. Blueprints and drawings are always exposed to tremendously harsh conditions for normal paper. Tyvek is so tear-resistant that it withstands all the elements and protects the blueprints against scuffing as well.

Architects and project managers love Tyvek blueprints because redline drawings last the whole job without having to be redrawn. Construction companies also use Tyvek blueprints, as they can print once and have the construction plans last for the whole job. The crew loves them because they don’t fall apart and can be washed off with soap and water.

Our Tyvek comes in rolls for blueprint printing and we can print up to 42” wide by any length at less expense than typical vinyl canvas. This application allows for the creation of temporary job-site banners that stand up to all weather and yet are less expensive than vinyl canvas banners.


1851937 - business accessories on a background of diagrams.

Vellum is a smooth finish, very high-quality blueprint material that is quite durable.  Made from a combination of synthetic materials, cotton, and wood pulp, this smooth finished paper is durable, lightweight and semi-clear, allowing it to also be used as an overlay. The background behind the paper, e.g. blueprints, can be clearly seen, which makes this material ideal for any type of drawing overlay or archival drawing that requires a nice, smooth surface.

We use 18# Vellum for printing drawings.

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