Vehical Wraps (1)

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, vehicle graphics can be a cost-effective, effortless way to market your Fort Myers business to potential customers in the community.

If you’ve never heard about the use of vehicle graphics for business marketing before, check out our introductory blog post. If you’re not sure which type of businesses can benefit most from vehicle car graphics, we’ve written a post about some examples of the most compatible industries here and here.

In this post, we’d like to take a closer look at some common mistakes that people make when designing and creating vehicle graphics.

These mistakes occur most often when people choose to work with impersonal, cut-rate graphic printers instead of skilled professionals like the ones we employ here at Fort Myers Digital.

3 Common Vehicle Graphics Mistakes

Choosing The Wrong Font

We understand that you want to get creative with your branding, but busy, complicated fonts have no place in vehicle graphics. The first priority of any vehicle graphics creator is to make sure that the end result is readable…by people who might be passing by quickly on foot or in a car. If the font isn’t easy to read, you might as well keep your money in your pocket.

Forgetting The Call To Action

The whole point of using vehicle graphics as a marketing tool is to get people to do something. Maybe you want them to visit your restaurant, make an appointment at your hair salon, or call for plumbing service the next time their toilet is clogged. If you don’t encourage them to take this action with the wording of your vehicle graphic, how can you blame them for not doing it?

Not Going Big Enough

This is another aspect of the “readability” issue that we see in many poorly-designed vehicle graphics. Because they want to save money on the printing and design of the vehicle graphic, some business owners limit it to a very small size. This is counterproductive however because, again, it makes it difficult for people to read your business name or call to action.

The experts at Fort Myers Digital would be happy to help you design a vehicle graphic that doesn’t commit any of these common mistakes! Contact us now.