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In this digital age it’s easy to assume that physical marketing tools like printed business cards are going the way of the dodo. As your reprographics experts in Cape Coral, we’re dedicated to providing all of the business printing services you need to run a healthy, thriving company.

If you’re wondering whether or not to abandon business cards altogether, here are three five very compelling reasons to keep them around a little while longer.

1. They’re Personal

Sure you could just connect with them on LinkedIn or “friend” them on Facebook, but digital networking will never have the same power and substance as putting a well-designed business card in someone’s hand while making eye contact.

2. They’re Effective

When it comes to direct marketing of yourself and your business, few tactics are as effective as an in-person meeting during which you provide a professionally-designed business card. As your reprographics experts in Fort Myers, we realize that marketing never sleeps. If you want to be able to create a potential lead any time–at the airport, happy hour, or walking around a tradeshow–you can’t always rely on digital means.

3. They Communicate Your Brand

Do you want your brand associated with words like “cheap” and “cookie cutter” or “professional” and “unique”? Working with the printing specialists at Fort Myers Digital will ensure that your business cards always make it clear what your brand stands for.

4. They’re Easy To Share

Asking for someone’s email address can be awkward and trying to connect with their personal profile on Facebook is downright presumptuous. But handing over a business card that’s memorable and well-designed? That’s the perfect way to share what you’re about in a non-invasive way. And you can’t really drop your Facebook profile in a fishbowl, pin it to a corkboard, or leave it in a stack at your favorite local business.

5. They Show You’re Prepared

More than anything else, business cards communicate your intentions as a professional. They say “I am always looking for ways to grow my brand and share my services. Can I help you? Here’s how to contact me.”

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