Here at Fort Myers Digital, business printing is our specialty. We enjoy being a preferred provider of reprographics for the construction industry. Those working in architecture and construction often have a need for business printing projects that the rest of us might never encounter in our professional lives.

These business printing projects typically can’t be completed by the discount copy shop but we can certainly handle them here at Fort Myers Digital.

We have top quality, large-format machines that can product the following construction documents in a timely manner:

  1. Blueprints – Here at Fort Myers Digital, we specialize in blueprints for construction management companies, architects, and engineers. Our professional business printing system is equipped to deliver these urgent documents in a 24-hour period, in most cases. Contact our business printing specialists for helping in choosing the right blueprint paper for your individual needs!
  2. Drawings – Architectural and engineering drawings are very important for professionals in these businesses because it helps to convey your vision to potential clients. Don’t trust your business drawings to just anyone. Our reprographic experts can ensure that your drawings are reproduced perfectly and on time for your project.
  3. Spec Books & Binding – Gathering your ideas and plans together in a spec book is an essential part of the construction or architectural process, but unless you have professional spec book binding service from Fort Myers Digital, the overall impression can be a messy one. We can provide full specification books, half-size plans, booklets, job site posters, and other business printing service.
  4. Proposals – Presenting your ideas to a potential client or investor is the lifeblood of the construction business. Why risk losing new business because you took the cheap route when printing your proposals? Fort Myers Digital has experience printing color renderings, proposal books, and color customer sets.

Contact Fort Myers Digital today to learn more about our business printing and construction document services.