Do you own or operate a business in the Cape Coral or Fort Myers area?

Does your company provide engineering, construction, or architectural industries?

If so, blueprints are probably a regular fixture in your professional life.

Blueprints are design plans or other technical drawings that help guide the work of builders and other contractors. Without blueprints, there’s no way for your architectural firm to land that big contract and your construction project may be implemented incorrectly. Blueprints help designers communicate with those on the ground who are responsible for carrying out their plans.

Creating a blueprint is fairly easy for engineering, construction, or architectural professionals, who generally have access to special software programs that make them easy to lay out. However, in order to fulfill their destiny as the guiding document of a building project, blueprints must be transferred from digital form to paper.

You may be tempted to hand your blueprints over to an online business printing company that promises extremely cheap prices and fast turnaround times, but are they really the best choice for your hard work? Let’s take a look at why trusting Fort Myers Digital, your local blueprint printer, is a much wiser choice.

Disadvantages Of Online Blueprint Printing Services

  • Deceptive Quotes – When you get a quote for business printing services from an online-only company, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Sure, they may attract your attention with a ridiculously-low quote, but what they don’t tell you is that price requires you to submit an absolutely perfect file. You get once chance to get it right, and if you don’t, they’re going to print it and ship it anyway.
  • No Flexibility –  If you want to make changes or revisions with an online printer, it’s liable to increase the price dramatically. You’ll also have to pay more if you need the blueprint on an urgent timescale, required oversized blueprints, or want mounting and laminating services.

Advantages Of Local Blueprint Printing Services

  • Expertise – When you work with a local business printing expert like Fort Myers Digital, you can take advantage of our hard-earned experience with blueprint creation. We have the oversized machines, materials, and printing experts who will ensure your blueprint looks perfect the first time.
  • Consistency – Using the same business printer ensures that your blueprints maintain a consistent look and feel that may be lacking when you’re jumping around between online printing services.

Fort Myers Digital Is The Best Of Both Worlds When It Comes To Business Printing

If the convenience of having 24-hour access to an online blueprint printer is still tempting you, realize that Fort Myers Digital is the best of both worlds! Our VIP online planroom clients have the ability to upload their designs any time. If your blueprint is uploaded by 8 am, we can often have it ready by 2 pm the same day! We also make local deliveries so you don’t have to interrupt your day to retrieve your business printing projects.

Don’t risk your blueprint printing projects at an online printer. Contact Fort Myers Digital today!